Video screencasts live sharing social network

About the project

The VYDA app is the easiest way to show the entire world LIVE how you play your favorite game. Show all your tricks on your smartphone or broadcast how you use other applications like Tinder & Snapchat in real-time! It’s a unique way to share your life with all memorable moments: a beautiful sunset, a fantastic party, a tasty dinner, or your latest fashion bargain – share it with a real-time video! Just one click to start a stream, and you’ll receive chat messages and likes from your viewers instantly.

Our contributions

We have been helping to improve scalability and performance. We’ve worked a lot with the fault tolerance of this high-load project (over 200,000 Android & iOS users). Now we implement new features and are focused on improving code quality and overall architecture.


VYDA experiences a high load. This fact kept busy our Ruby on Rails architects. VYDA is a social network, and we handle social graphs of followers and streamers, which is challenging for scaling databases. We work with mobile frontends and third-party streaming technology providers.

  • Categories:
    Mobile, Ruby on rails
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, Sidekiq, pronto with bunch of code quality review tools, AWS, Rollbar, NewRelic

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    2 Ruby on Rails Architects,
    1 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

  • Timeline

    Decemder 2015 – August 2016

Markus Lichtenheldt Founder & CEO at Vyda

We are very happy with Syndicode’s highly skilled Ruby on Rails developers. They helped to optimize the VYDA backend massively. I can recommend them for high-load complex projects.

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