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Boxie24 – On Demand Storage and Moving


On Demand Storage and Moving

On Demand Storage and Moving. Syndicode portfolio

About the project

Boxie24 is Berlin-based, operates in major cities in Germany and Switzerland and plans expansion abroad. Families and companies can enjoy 24 hours free collection and returns of their stuff in plastic boxes with affordable and clear pricing. The company also offers to rent boxes and additional handy items to organize moving nice way.


Our contributions

The initial goal was to migrate from WordPress site to ruby on rails application within 2 weeks time. Then the goal was substantially enlarged to make fully new user experience and next generation platform.

  1. Migration routine from WordPress to Ruby on Rails website
    We migrated from WordPress site to ruby on rails application within 2 weeks time.For both Ruby on Rails website and mobile API development we used Gitflow, rspec and cucumber autotests, and using GitHub, Jenkins, Capistrano, Ubuntu servers.

  2. Android and iOS mobile apps for customer
    Mobile apps development and Ruby on Rails mobile API was done within one month with waterfall process.
    For Ruby on Rails mobile API development, we used continuous delivery infrastructure based on Gitflow, RSpec and cucumber autotests, and using GitHub, Jenkins, Capistrano, Ubuntu servers.

  3. Ruby on Rails website with landing pages, customer area and order workflow
    We used agile scrum with one-week sprints over 6 months of Ruby on Rails website development. We started with UX/UI and graphical design. Development of backend basic features and migration routine was done in parallel with UI prototyping. After first month UI prototype was ready and we started crafting landing pages, order workflow, and customer area.


The project was quite challenging:

  • Full stack Ruby on Rails development of the platform from start to finish.
  • Migration from WordPress to the Ruby on Rails platform.
  • Various integrations of external services.
  • One time and recurring payments with the same payment gateway in two currencies in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Order workflows for 2 services.
  • Mobile app with the storage inventory and features to scan barcodes and take pictures.
  • Categories:
    Featured, Logistics, Mobile, Ruby on rails, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Ubuntu,
    Capistrano, Cucumber, PostgreSQL, Sass, Query, Jenkins, GitHub, Haml, Git, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Appcelerator, Jira.

  • Integrations

    Adyen, Mailgun, ZopimChat, InfinityCloud, Rollbar, Google Tag Manager.

  • Team

    1 UX/UI Engineer
    1 Front-end Developer
    3 Ruby on Rails Developers
    1 Mobile App Developer

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Timeline

    September 2015 – May 2016

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