HelloCare – everyday helpers services marketplace with Ruby on Rails


Everyday helpers services marketplace with Ruby on Rails

About the project

HelloCare is a company that brings together senior citizens, families and single people with qualified everyday helpers and thereby supports them in their daily lives.

Since August 2017 Hellocare is a part of Pflegix family pflegix.de.

Our contributions

In essence, HelloCare is a marketplace platform. We are experts in building an online marketplace with Ruby on Rails and mobile apps. HelloCare is a perfect case study of marketplace development as it has all the parts that any two-sided marketplace has to offer. We developed:

  • Promo-site with two landing pages for clients and for helpers (marketplace suppliers).
  • Order workflow with closest helper profiles, helper ratings, calendar availability, and recurring payments.
  • Registration workflow for helpers with profile info, location and radius to take orders, and documents verification.
  • Web-based helper account with orders, calendar, invoices, profits
  • Web-based client account
  • Helper mobile app to do business anywhere&anytime
  • Platform administration backend
  • Integrations to a various external system for payments, social logins, push notifications, emailing, etc.

Marketplace landing pages

We have made about 5 different landing pages to sell the marketplace to clients and helpers. We tried to make our design without excessive information to help users to find a needed information. The basic premise of a successful landing page is that it has a single focused purpose and every landing page is specific to a particular field.

HelloCare, Landing pages

Order workflow

Order workflow is the main part of any internet business. For marketplaces, it usually features the possibility to select the best suitable service provider. HelloCare pleases clients with the possibility to list helpers by location, service type, profile ratings. Ordering process starts with the zip code selection: thus all the helpers from the service area will become visible for the client.

Helper registration workflow

Clients are very important for any business. However, for many industries/markets, you need to please service provider first. The rationale is that if you have best service providers in your niche you will get clients!

After the registration workflow is over, the helper will be contacted to provide identity and professional documents through HelloCare web-based account prior to profile activation.

UX changes for helper dashboard

After first months of work, it started to be clear that helper’s dashboard is not user-friendly and does not match other parts of the product. It was difficult to find the exact information and fill needed data. We changed the structure of dashboard and added new functionality.

We have decided to allocate 4 main sections. Each section has logical subsections now. It helped to improve navigation and streamline the work for helpers.

One of the main objectives was to improve listing of orders. Now helper can see more coherent and complete information about orders and history.

UI/UX for Android mobile app for helpers

We used Material Design Guidelines to create UI/UX design for Android App of HelloCare. The mobile app has 4 main sections: listing of new orders, listing of taken orders, orders on the map view, helper’s calendar.

Material design highlights, HelloCare

Calendar view of orders is something that makes planning of helper work better by clearly presenting busy and empty days.

HelloCare, Calendar view of orders


Map view of orders appeared to be very important to helpers to minimise their commute time between jobs.

Onboarding tutorial upon the first login after downloading the mobile app. It guides through main screens.

  • Categories:
    Marketplace, Mobile, MVP, Ruby on rails, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, GitHub, Digital Ocean, Haml, Ruby on Rails, Sendgrid, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Redis, PayPal, Google Firebase, Sendgrid, Google Geocoder&Map API, Facebook and Google+ login APIs

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    1 UI/UX Designer

    2 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developers

    1 Front End Developer

    1 Android Developer

  • Timeline

    June 2016 – June 2017

Sergiej Rewiakin
Sergiej Rewiakin HelloCare CTO

With positive experience in working with Syndicode, I have hired them once again to develop mobile and web app for Hellocare. Since it was not our first project, the day-to-day execution went super well. We have built an outstanding product in both web and mobile. Despite difficult market roll out and multiple changes in the feedback cycle. The team was going an extra mile to make all deliverables on time. The clients were particularly impressed by the flat and adaptive design and simple and readable interface.

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