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About the project

KwikiMove is the on-demand “Movers Marketplace” based in the USA (Atlanta, Georgia) where individuals needing quick moving service can price their moves and instantly connect with truck owners around town. KwikiMove turns the average guy with a truck into your personal mover.

Our contributions

We developed KwikiMove Android and iOS mobile apps and wrote the backend of applications.

The app consists of two separate apps for client and mover. This way, we created a competitive marketplace that eliminates circumstantial charges and hidden fees and favours both the consumer and the mover.


Mover Start Page

On the mover start page, users can find the list of recently available jobs with their details: price, time, location and item-to-carry type. Filters of available, pending, completed, and active jobs are placed on the top bar next to the hamburger menu button.

Client Start Page

On the client start page, users can preview all their placed offers with details about price and location. The main menu is placed on the top bar. Pending, active, and completed browse filters of the offers history are on the bottom bar. The user can also find a button for new offer creation there.


We used Material Design Guidelines to create UI/UX design for KwikiMove mobile app. Map view that was automatically loaded from the user’s smartphone makes moving order better by clearly presenting the area of the client’s location.

Color Scheme

The selected color scheme represents the definition of viable parts of the app. With bright and different colours, users will never doubt the button’s purpose.

Open Sans Family is a real classic with great typography, neutral, yet friendly appearance.

User flows

Mover registration workflow

Mover registration workflow consists only of two pages with user and car/truck information:

  • Mover details that include the mover’s name, email, phone, and password
  • Details of mover’s vehicle: type, year, model, number, color, and make

Client registration workflow

Client job registration proceeds in three steps:

  • Item name, time, and location selection
  • Additional help and price settings
  • Job description review and approval

After location selection, user can adjust options for unloading help or protection and set the price considering the distance and item weight. After registration is complete, this job will be available in the app for movers.

  • Categories:
    Marketplace, Mobile, Ruby on rails, UX design
  • Technologies


    Android Support Library, Kotlin, Google Api, Git.


    xcode, Cocoapods, Google Api for ios, Git.

  • Location

    USA, Atlanta

  • Team

    1 UI/UX designer
    1 Ruby on Rails developer
    1 iOS developer
    1 Android developer

  • Timeline

    March 2017 – June 2017

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