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Less Accounting

Business accounting SaaS

LessAccounting business software. Syndicode portfolio

About the project

LessAccounting is a business-accounting software company that allows clients to easily track online invoices. It can also be used as a simple CRM. The site does not aspire to include loads of features and instead strives for simplicity and ease-of-use. With customized accounting workflows and a simple interface, LessAccounting eliminates the tedious nature of accounting and bookkeeping. This, combined with the lack of advanced inventory functions, creates a solid solution for service-oriented businesses.

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Our contributions

We provided Ruby on Rails development for the LessAccounting SaaS platform. Syndicode helped with maintenance and support, and new features like enhanced reports, integrations to online services, etc.


LessAccounting is a well established SaaS business written within Ruby on Rails technological stack following microservices architecture in one of the most complex business domains – accounting. Thus we have to learn a lot about business accounting and bookkeeping.

  • Categories:
    Ruby on rails, SaaS, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, JRuby, Ansible, Minitest, CoffeeScript, Redis, MySQL, private VPS hosting, Basecamp, Stripe, Intercom, microservices architecture

  • Location

    Austin, Texas, USA

  • Team

    2 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Architects

  • Timeline

    July 2016 – November 2016

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