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About the project

Senden24 is an instant delivery service in the last mile 1-hour delivery business. It is free for shoppers who purchase goods in local stores. Instead of carrying the purchased goods all the way home, they get all their bargains delivered for them.

Our senden24 story is a three-sided marketplace development project in a nutshell. The senden24 service delivers from physical shops to the customers’ homes for less than one hour. 

The service automatically chooses the most beneficial delivery service provider, so it can be a courier on a bike, a taxi, or even an express delivery company. Senden24 drops the price of delivery by aggregating multiple deliveries into one job.

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  • Categories:
    Marketplace, Mobile, MVP, Ruby on rails, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, GitHub, Heroku, Haml, Ruby on Rails, Sendgrid, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Redis

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    2 UI/UX designers
    3 Ruby on Rails full stack developers
    2 Android mobile developers
    1 QA engineer
    1 Front-end developer

  • Timeline

    January 2017 – April 2018

  • Added business values by Syndicode

    Senden24 is a three-sided marketplace. The platform serves a shopper, a courier, and a shop. For shops, senden24 has to offer quite an advanced digital experience. However, for market validation, the delivery dispatch order form was enough. Thus only this functionality for shops was in the scope of Ruby on Rails MVP development Syndicode is proficient at.

    Added business values by Syndicode
  • Identity and web design

    The idea was to make an attractive brand that would take people’s attention and, at the same time will, be close to them and imply trust in delivery services. While researching, we noticed that warm gamma is peculiar for Berlin. Red and yellow are the colors of the German flag. Mixing them, you get orange.

    This color commands attention without being as overpowering as red and is more dynamic than yellow. Orange is a symbol of energy being friendly and inviting. Most important, orange is present in major Worldwide delivery and postal services.

    We highlighted the speed of 1-hour delivery by visualizing movement in the logo. A simple flat style was chosen for custom illustrations.

    Identity and web design
  • Our contributions

    We helped create a minimal viable product to start operations in Berlin, Germany. With the client, we developed senden24 products, including a promo website, an android mobile app for couriers, an order web form for shops, and a platform administration backend, with a modest budget in 2 months.

    After MVP marketplace development, the extra job was to get out JavaScript game to celebrate Easter and support marketing efforts.

    Our contributions


  1. Promo website

    At the stage of MVP development for market validation, senden24 has had a minimalistic one-page promo site. The promo site has featured the logo, hero image, slogan, and a few possibilities:

    • – Subscribe to the newsletter
    • – User form to recommend store
    • – User form to register your store as a partner
  2. MVP iterations

    Immediately after the MVP development phase, we ran a short development cycle to add a few pages to the promo site:

    • – Interactive storytelling page to explain how send24 works
    • – Pricing page that only states that service is always free for shoppers
    • – Team page featuring onsite and our team
  3. Android mobile app for courier

    Shops get more shoppers and sales. Shoppers get free 1-hour delivery. What do couriers get? They get jobs!

    To make their work easier, we developed an Android mobile app where they can take jobs optimizing routes on the map, the number of orders served, shopping bags, delivery origin, and target locations to make the best income with senden24

  4. HTML JavaScript Easter game

    We created an HTML5 catcher trivia game to celebrate Easter and help senden24 to spread the word about their service on social networks. In addition to the game itself, it has a tournament table backend.

Dr. Michael Debuschewitz
Dr. Michael Debuschewitz Senden24 CEO & Founder

Anton and his Team with Syndicode did a great job. We always got delivered high-quality UX/UI and coding in time. We are very happy to have Syndicode as a partner.

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