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About the project

Shipwise takes the pain out of booking freight shipments and makes it as easy as booking a trip. Shipwise streamlines the process and eliminates the numerous emails and phone calls, automating the reservations process by providing direct access to capacity and transparent billing.

Our contributions

In 45 days, our team completed the MVP development project with Ruby on Rails. We created a client interface that allows making inquiries for multimodal container shipments – business proposals submitted from several logistics providers. Proposed prices and conditions are different and depend on the route, the types of shipments, and the type of cargo. These prices are shown to the customer in the comparative table to simplify the selection of the best proposal. Shipment starts after the customer books the optimal proposal. Since then, the client gets online information about cargo location (tracking map “Track and trace”), and notifications upon arrival or departure at different checkpoints like ports and warehouses. The service alarms the client in case of an emergency. MVP included functionality for electronic document exchange. This option was needed to provide scans and certificates for shipment clearance procedures. The last but not least feature was billing and invoicing via email in XLS and PDF formats.

  • Categories:
    Marketplace, MVP, Ruby on rails, Web design
  • Technologies

    Angular.js, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Rollbar, PostgreSQL, JQuery

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    2 Ruby on Rails full stack developers
    1 QA engineer

  • Timeline

    October 2015 – November 2015

Alex Malov,
Alex Malov, Shipwise Founder

Syndicode team has been invaluable at helping us augment our development team quickly and accelerate product development at a crucial point for the company.

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