The cloud-based professional knowledge network. Syndicode clients

SummitHub - the cloud-based professional knowledge network. Syndicode clients

About the project

SummitHub is a cloud-based professional knowledge network with a unique focus on connecting professionals for the purpose of professional development. They do this by bringing together three distinct mechanisms for professional knowledge dissemination into a single, modern communications platform.
A Professional Conference Hub – any and all professional conferences can post their conference, schedules, material, etc on our site at no cost. In this way professionals of all industries, globally, can find out what conferences are taking place in their field – either locally, or around the world.

Our contributions

  • Stripe integration
  • Web development of various sections of the platform
  • Continuous delivery process and infrastructure with Rspec, Cucumber, Capistrano and Jenkins


A Professional “Ecosystem” Hub – they provide for free working group (ecosystem) creation and use for groups both large and small. Share files, share commentary, organize meetings, all via an easy, modern, secure interface that all feeds into a single communication stream to the individual.
A Marketplace for Professional Content Dissemination – organizations post professional content (videos, e-books, podcasts) onto our marketplace for global distribution to professionals in any field. The organization sets the price for the content, and the users rate and comment on the quality and overall value of the material.

  • Categories:
    Featured, Marketplace, Ruby on rails, SaaS, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, jQuery, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ubuntu, Capistrano, Cucumber, Sass, Jenkins, Haml, Git, Stash, Rackspace, Jira.

  • Integrations

    Stripe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Tag Manager

  • Location

    Atlanta, USA

  • Team

    Ruby on Rails architect

  • Timeline

    January 2014 – May 2014

Jouni Renfors
Jouni Renfors Technical Lead, SummitHub

Syndicode helped during the transition from MVP to the beta release of SummitHub under a tight schedule. Thanks to their expertise in continuous delivery process and instruments for Ruby on rails stack, we managed to pilot first conferences without any technical problems.

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