UKRAVIT: CRM for agro business company


CRM for agro business company

Ukravit. Syndicode portfolio

About the project

UKRAVIT Group is Ukrainian national leader in the market for plant protection products and micro fertilizers.
UKRAVIT specializes in the production and selling pesticides, drugs for killing rodents and domestic insects, and fertilizers for resource-saving agriculture.

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    Featured, Logistics, Mobile, Ruby on rails, SaaS, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, HTML 5, CSS 3, SCSS, GitHub, Heroku, Haml, Docker Swarm, Sendgrid, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Redis, AWS, ASWS S3, Docker, Grape, Elastic Search, Trailbrather, Drone, Rollbar, Jenkins

  • Location

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Team

    4 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developers

    1 UI/UX Designer

  • Timeline

    October 2016 – March 2017

  • Added business values by Syndicode

    Syndicode streamlined the work of Ukravit managers and saved their time by improving product catalogue.

    We created a product management system with customer profile, search filters and knowledge base. This CRM also got an integration with a corporate website. 

    Added business values by Syndicode
  • Catalogue and CRM

    With the help of product management system, content-manager can add or edit product cards, change photos and descriptions, set the price and date of registration etc.

    Syndicode created a classic functional CRM implemented and adapted for agribusiness. It allows to track communications with clients and distributors and to fill in the information about planting crops, arable land and other client info.

    Catalogue and CRM
  • API integration

    In addition to common CRM functionality with customer profiles, communications and orders, we developed API-interface for the product catalog and established integration between the platform and the corporate website.

    API integration
  • Our contributions

    We developed CRM to streamline everyday work of UKRAVIT’ managers with agro-enterprises and distributors all over Ukraine. Our system helps consultants to obtain information about negotiation results and quickly solve problems that arise with customers across the country. Also, we have established a system management for product catalog that integrates with the corporate website.

    Our contributions


  1. Growth in productivity

    The time for workflow coordination and reporting reduced twice. Sale representatives and back-office consultants can submit any necessary information right from the field or a business trip. Reporting and negotiations can be done from everywhere. It resulted in the growing of work productivity.

  2. Control

    All the documents, reports and statuses are available in CRM platform anytime. That helps to provide better accounting and control.

  3. Remote accounting and coordination

    The sale representative has no need in visiting the office for the document exchange. It can be done online.

  4. Expertise

    The sale representative has an access to the useful information on products, references, manuals, and examples. This helps to provide professional work and understanding of all work issues

  5. Speed and flexibility

    The content manager can add all the necessary changes to the product right on the platform and they will immediately appear on the site.

The CRM gives an opportunity to control the work of specialists and consultants in every region of Ukraine.

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