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Wecam – marketplace to buy and sell video production


Marketplace to buy and sell video production

Wecam. Syndicode clients

About the project

Wecam is a marketplace platform to buy and sell video production started in Berlin, Germany. It features talented videographers for potential buyers in different categories ranging from wedding video, promo video, fashion video to drone and product video. Wecam platform makes it easy for clients to find best professionals for their custom needs with the streamlined user experience.

Our contributions

We helped with Ruby on Rails marketplace development from start to finish, from UI/UX design to managed launch and further maintenance.
Wecam has the landing page with real done projects with the price paid for these jobs. After liking few videos visitor can proceed to order his or her own video production from videographers, authors of the videos. There are backend tools for clients to manage ordered projects and communicate with videographers.


The most interesting in this project was the result we managed to get with tight budget and time.

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  • Categories:
    Featured, Marketplace, Ruby on rails, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Coffee Script, SCSS, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Redis, Trailblazer, VPS hosting

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    2 Full-stack Ruby on Rails developers

    1 UI/UX Engineer

  • Timeline

    May 2016 – June 2018

Konstantin Zagaynov,
Konstantin Zagaynov, Founder & CEO

In addition to skills and proactivity, Syndicode team shows a lot of care. It is remarkable how they were able to restart production server on Saturday with a 5 minutes notice. They are able to put themselves in customers´ shoes and provide valuable input and ideas into client´s business

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