Woobra – marketplace for product sourcing


Marketplace for product sourcing

Woobra. Syndicode clients

About the project

Woobra is a two-sided marketplace platform written in Ruby on Rails to bring together suppliers to sourcing buyers all over the world. The platform has the listing of suppliers, their products and special deals with categories, country, and basic description. Buyers can search using their language regardless of the language used by the supplier to enter their data. Products and special deals are classified based on Google Product Taxonomy. There is a fully featured in-app messaging system.

Buyers can make public and private requests for sourcing and collect best proposals from suppliers.

Our contributions

We started with logo design, following with web design and Ruby on Rails marketplace development.

Logo Design

We started with few versions of the logo to highlight the connected modern world of product manufacturing and distribution channels and partners. The client selected the most simple and flat logo. It is mostly letters logo with double Os little tweaked with the golden cut sizing.

Web Design

We based the design on colors and feeling that was established by simple and flat Woobra logo. Usually, the most critical pages of two-sided marketplace platforms are anding pages for buyers and sellers, registration workflows, order workflows, profiles, accounts. In case of Woobra we had to design:

Homepage – landing page for buyers who look for the product manufacturing sourcing partners for their brands.

Landing page for suppliers that convince them why they should join Woobra and what is the pricing for subscription tiers.

Product listing and search results page.

Individual product page that contains information about product and supplier with the possibility to start communication.

Lounge page has the special, limited in time, deals in different categories and from different suppliers.


Ruby on Rails marketplace development is our main focus. Woobra is one of the projects we have been doing from start to finish. It has some integrations we never did before like Google API translation for all user-generated content. Multilingual content is not only present on user interface but it is searchable with Solr Sunspot technology.

  • Categories:
    Featured, Marketplace, MVP, Ruby on rails, UX design, Web design, Website
  • Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Coffee Script, Redis, PostgreSQL, Solr, RSpec, Twitter Bootstrap, SCSS, Private VPS Hosting.

  • Integrations

    Google translate API, PayPal , Mailgun, AWS Cloud Services.

  • Location

    Berlin, Germany

  • Team

    2 Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developers
    1 UI/UX Designer

  • Timeline

    July 2016 – April 2017

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